Summer Tunage

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What I have been listening to this fun summer.



The album Gossamer by Passion Pit! I’ve always loved Passion Pit’s unique electric sound, and this album I believe is their best yet. I particularly love “Take a Walk,” “Constant Conversations,” and “It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy.”


The album Our Version of Events by Emeli Sande. Emeli Sande is sort of Beyonce-esque powerhouse singer. Though her genre isn’t typically what I listen to,  I think her voice is beautiful. Also, she is Zambian-Scottish, which is perhaps the neatest racial mix ever.


This isn’t exactly new music (from 2010), but I have recently really gotten into Local Natives. I love their three-part harmonies and the lyrics are absolute gold.  I love “Wide Eyes,” “World News,” and “Camera Talk.”


Beach Fossils is an indie band whose sound just rings that dreamlike-summer- daze feeling. The soft vocals and the guitar blend together so well. It’s the kind of music and lyrics I wish I had written.


Surprise, surprise! I’ve been trying to run a lot more this summer, and what has been my favorite music to run to? My girl Nicki. Though she may not sing the most, er, wholesome music, for exercising, it’s totes perfect.


Hopefully I’ll get up to date with some posting, cause I have tons of cool things to write about from the summer. Until then… 🙂


Oh, the joys of StumbleUpon

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The artist Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan (never heard of this place before) does wonders with shadows and lights.

Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light installation art


Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light installation art


Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light installation art


So ridiculously creative. Wow.


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Last Wednesday was my chemistry final, so therefore I am now done with school and a free woman once again.

I cannot understand in any way how people are nostalgic or sad about the school year ending. As much as I love my friends, I could not take one more day of school work. This summer is (hopefully) going to wonderful. So far, it looks as if it will follow something like this:

  • Lol the SAT yay!!!!!!!!! :/
  • At the beginning of June, my family and I are going to drive up to Massachusetts to pick up my older brother from college. Since we are driving, we are going to pass a ton of colleges, and we are going to go college touring for me. I still have two years til I would leave for college, but as of now, I know I want to go out of state, so we are going to get started with the touring. So yeah that’s pretty exciting.
  • I’ll be going to Honduras at the end of June, which I’m definitely psyched about. I can’t wait to see my friends down there and all the children at AFE again.
  • Veganism (round ii) has commenced as of today, May 21. Hopefully I will vegan until further notice rather than just two weeks. So lots of vegetables, oatmeal, apples, and carrot juice (my secret addiction) for me. Right on.
  • Coldplay concert in July with my older brother!
  • Hopefully starting to learn French…?
  • And of course: reading, reading, reading, and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.
  • Oh and tumblr-ing.

I think that sums it up. Seems to be quite fetch to me. I’ll post something whenever I see fit (that could be often or not often at all…so we’ll just have to see). Hope everyone has a lovely summer as well!


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School has been crazy. It incessantly takes up all my time and reduces me to simply browsing the internet in any kind of free time (rather than writing or some other form of art). Thankfully, school has not robbed me of reading, and I am about to finish To Kill a Mockingbird and I am restarting Anna Karenina. I’m hoping to finish it midway through the summer…

This year has been lack luster at best. Either I need a major attitude adjustment or I am literally surrounded by idiots (though I know it’s the first one, I’m just still slightly in denial). There is no one class that is really enjoyable or where I feel I am actually learning something truly substantial. I feel like I’ve studied the exact same thing in history for the last three years. Math at least is easier this year, but it is outweighed by chemistry, which has proved to be one of the most challenging classes I’ve ever taken. Spanish is alright, but we’re still on grammar, and I’m ready to move on to conversational. It doesn’t help that my classes are filled with a lot of slackers, who are constantly leaping at the chance to take advantage of any kind teachers (like pushing dates back for papers, etc.). That really bothers me. Sometimes you just have to do your work when the teacher tells you to.

However, summer is in exactly three weeks. I can definitely stick it out until then.

Well anyways, this is just a boring update of my current life.

Oh and one streak of good news! Last week, because of my big car fiasco, I had to go to court, which was really scary, but, praise God, I did not get my license taken away. This is a seriously HUGE praise because I would go absolutely stir-crazy this summer having my mother drive me around everywhere. I didn’t have a fine either; just nineteen hours of community service. Considering the wreck, this is also really wonderful compared to what could have been. So I’m praying for safe driving for the rest of…forever, and this issue has been pretty much resolved.

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to write about soon enough. Until then, I bid you adieu.



Review Time..

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Assuming you have seen the Hunger Games, I feel obligated to give a review.

To start, let me say that I enjoyed the movie. It was quite solid and I was (for the most part) satisfied.

Things I Loved

-This may seem odd, but I loved the other tributes. Cato, Clove, Glimmer, Foxface, Thresh, Rue, all of them. I feel like they were dead-on in character and exactly the way I imagined them. Cato was awesome in all of his evil glory and Clove was totally intrepid with a knife.

-The added “Who took my knife” scene. Rue is quite clever…

-Seneca Crane’s beard. I don’t know what genius thought of that, but it was wicked.

-District 12 at the beginning of the movie. It was well portrayed as oppressed and poverty-stricken.

-Katniss. She looked the part and acted it quite flawlessly.

Things I, however, did not like

-No Madge. Now come on.

-The guy who played Gale did a good job acting, but I don’t feel like he was the right person.

-Ok. For such a seemingly high tech movie, the fire was absolutely awful. The scene where Katniss and Peeta are in their fire costumes lost all of its raw power because of how horrible the fire looked. It’s 2012. Not 1992.

-Maybe I’m the only one that noticed this, but in the book, it specifically says that the male tributes always went first for their little auditions in front of the gamemakers. And Katniss goes first in the movie. What. Would it really have been that hard to have had Peeta go first?

-Lastly, I just generally feel that the plot was sort of rushed, even though the movie was two and a half hours long. If I hadn’t read the books, a whole lot of the stuff would be really confusing. Like Katniss’s flashbacks of the picture of her dad and her mother being depressed. That would not have made sense if I hadn’t read the books.

So what did you think of the movie?


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It’s weird how something so quickly can practically ruin your life.

Friday, I got in a bad car wreck. Aside from a nasty bruise, I didn’t get hurt, and neither did the other person, but my car is probably totaled. It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. It makes me sick that if I had taken another route or if I drove a little bit faster or slower, I wouldn’t have gotten in a wreck.

The worst part? It was my parents’ anniversary Friday. I was babysitting that night and I was going to pick up my younger sister from her swim practice.

At the scene of the wreck, before my parents got there, my mind kept jumping from “I ruined the car” and “oh my gosh Mom and Dad are going to kill me” and then “thank you Jesus for sparing me” which unfortunately leads to “but why the hell did you let this happen?!” The thing that surprised me the most is that my parents weren’t mad that I 1) totaled the car and 2) ruined their anniversary. They were just glad that I was okay. For some reason, I did not expect that at all, and it made (well, makes) me really emotional.

So now I have no money (because I have to pay a fine), out of a car, a burden on my parents (financially, and they now have to drive me around), unable to get a job, and now subjective to the stereotype of teenage/women drivers. But at least I’m alive? It all just makes me really sad.

I know everything could be so much worse, but I just wish it didn’t happen to begin with.


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Well, my vegan phase has ended. It really was a wonderful thing to do, and I recommend it for everyone to try out being vegan at some point of their lives. It has kind of changed my mindset about food; I’m learning to just take what I need. Well, emphasis on learning. This morning, my mother had pastries out for breakfast. Let’s be real – I really missed stuff like that. But I want to incorporate more vegetables and soy products into my diet. They really give the body a natural edge that can’t be taken from caffeine.

Switching topics, I have exciting news! I’ll start at the beginning of the story, because it’s kind of humorous, to me at least. So this summer, there was an opportunity for me to go on a mission trip with my church to Russia for about two weeks in July. Naturally, I jumped at the chance and got more info. One “tiny” problem was that it’s $3000+ to go. I asked my parents about it, and they seemed very skeptical about it because of the expense and because Russia is so far away.

Well then, we later got an email from Hollie, one of my best friends who lives and is a missionary in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with her husband. She asked if I wanted to come down for a week during the summer. Because it’s a lot less expensive than Russia and closer, my parents were supportive of it. So long story short, we’ve bought my ticket and I’m going to Honduras this summer! I’m super excited but also kind of scared because I’m going to be travelling by myself. I’ve never done that before, but I know it’s going to be quite an adventure. 🙂

So in Honduras, I’ll be probably be doing the same thing I did on my last mission trip – playing with the children at the school, maybe shadowing Hollie, who is a nurse there. Anyways, it would be awesome if you could be praying for me. It’s a while off, but I know it’s going to come up on me quickly.

I would ramble on more, but unfortunately I have a math test to study for. Hope everyone has a nice week!