20 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

On a rainy cloudy day like this, I always feel so much more introspective and inspired than usual. So I am going to make a list of the things I want to do before I die. So…here goes.

20 Things I want to do before I die:

1. Go skydiving.

2. Fall in love – deeply and unconditionally.

3. Get a tattoo. I’m thinking something small on my ankle, the back of my shoulder, or my arm.

4. Travel to Europe.

5. Learn another language. (Hmmm…..French, Spanish, even maybe *gasp* Japanese)

6. Have a real artist paint me…

7. Dive. With Sharks.

8.  Tell someone the entire story of my life, sparing no details.

9.  Send a message in a bottle.

10. Learn to NOT say yes when I really mean no.

11. Stay out all night dancing.

12. Teach someone how to read.

13. Shower in a waterfall (kinda weird, I know. But I’m open to it!)

14. Become truly passionate and involved with a specific cause.

15. Forgive a few people (getting personal here)

16. Do a triathlon!

17. Eat something that I would never eat in my right mind…

18. Grow my own food for a very short period of time.

19. Make some of my own clothes

20. Give someone a complete honest opinion of them, and have them give me theirs.

Hopefully, I can do all of these before I die…..but if I can knock out 10 of them, I’d be happier than a bird with a french fry. 🙂


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on April 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “20 Things I Want to Do Before I Die”

  1. very nice! a lot of what you listed would be on my own bucket list too. though i’ve honestly never considered showering in a waterfall before. huh… very creative, Maria. 😀 now you’ve tempted me to copy your idea on my own blog…. darn you.

    hee hee i love you!

  2. Ok…. I really like this post and all, but seriously, Maria, you need to write more regularly! I love reading what you write, but if you don’t write then… what am I doing? Haha 😀 I love you, get to writing!


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