Maria’s Keys to Happiness.

Hi, I’m Maria, and well, I like to make lists.

The Semi-Official List of Maria’s Keys to Happiness

Listen to Lydia’s album Illuminate.

Eat some McDonald’s French fries (and not care about the calories).

Drink loads of coffee.

Smile. And laugh.

Don’t stress.

Take pictures. Billions of them!

Read a good book. 🙂

Read some poetry. Write some poetry.


What makes you genuinely 100% happy? Do tell.


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on October 9, 2010.

One Response to “Maria’s Keys to Happiness.”

  1. Aww, that was so cute. c:
    Here’s mine: (in no particular order)
    1. reading|thinking|writing <- a tie, I believe.
    2. Spending time with my family. <- wow, I sound old.
    3. Eating chocolate. <- oblivious to calorie count, of course.

    That post is inspiring. It makes people think twice about the simple things in life that can make us smile. Thanks for sharing!

    Lots of l♥ve,

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