“Most people merely exist. Hardly any truly take the time to live.”

Examining myself over the last few weeks, I see someone irritated, stressed, and tired. I have been focused on material things. It’s like I’m on autopilot; on the outside, looking in. I’ve done nothing meaningful, and I have not really thought about anything that requires much depth. At first I blame school, and it definitely has been time-consuming, but it in itself is not the problem. I want to be myself again: passionate about life. I want to feel refreshed and purposeful. Like in the quote, I am now ready to take the time to live. I want to be iridescent (I just love that word) and not so…dead.

In other news, I cannot wait for summer. I want the time to be able to focus on writing, art, and photography. I want to start making my own clothes. I want to go exploring and travelling.

But until then, I will be satisfied with where I am. I am going to really try and focus on doing well in school, but not let it consume into being someone I’m not. I can’t do this alone…it’s God and me from now on.

A few goals:

-make all A’s at the end of the year.

-write a kick-butt biology paper.

-keep up with my quiet times.

-keep up with blogging! 😀

This concludes my post. Hope everyone has had a nice week.


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on February 24, 2011.

One Response to “Quote.”

  1. I can understand how you feel with the whole “feeling dead” thing. I’ve been like that until recently. But now that I have the passion again and I know my calling, I realize that I can’t do anything! It’s so frustrating. School is keeping me from serving like I want to serve. :/ Oh well… we can pray for each other.

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