Scream with all you have in you.

I was babysitting last night, and of course, after I put the kid to bed, I was in the mood for some good TV (because my family doesn’t actually have cable…Lord have mercy). So after mindlessly flipping the channels for a few minutes, I found myself disinterested and annoyed with anything that was on (like Jersey Shore, news, sports, etc.). But when I got to MTV, I realized immediately that they were playing one of my favorite movies, Garden State. You have to be a certain kind of person to appreciate it because a lot of it revolves around drugs and depression, but it really is an amazing movie. I had to share this scene from it.

After watching this, I want to go somewhere remote like that while it’s raining and just scream with everything I have in me. I bet that it is just so….liberating. So I am adding that to my bucket list. We all need to scream some time.

**Edit: aww rats, it won’t let you watch it on here. Whatever, just watch it on Youtube. It’s worth it, I assure you.


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on March 5, 2011.

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