The Impending Storm.

The rain inspires me to write…

This is bits and pieces of real experiences…exaggerated, of course. And really not even about one person. Quite a few, actually. 


The thunders rumbles, and my heart murmurs with it, as if the mighty sound came from within me. The sky swells full of rain that has yet to be dropped, like tears about to spill onto one’s face. I close my eyes and will it to fall. To wash me away. 

My head aches and my heart is numb.

And then the memories begin to pour in. 

I remember a time when everything was natural between us. We knew each other to the core; we could practically read each other’s mind. I knew the music you listened to, and even though I hated it, I listened to it, too. I knew you thought Starbucks coffee was overrated. I remembered all of our jokes. We had the ability to be so shallow then be so deep at the same time.

Even when you hated yourself, I thought you were beautiful. 

What ever happened? 

The tears come, beating the raindrops. I fling myself onto the grass and spread my arms as far as I can. The sobs make my entire body shake. I’ve lost you and you aren’t even dead. 

Then the rain comes hard, pounding me into the ground. 

I’m so far away from you. And as my tears mix with the rain, I can’t help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, it was all my fault.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on April 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Impending Storm.”

  1. Oh and haha Sarah (if you read this), it’s not about you. 🙂 I love you.

  2. Hahaha I never thought it was! But good to know. 🙂 I like it, though. Rain inspires me, too. Good descriptions, lovely adjectives, interesting outlook. I love it all. ❤

  3. Haha ok good. 🙂 Just wanted to make sure.
    Thank you thank you thank you! 😀

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