Thoughts and Plans.

Summer. For some reason, I don’t think I have ever appreciated the idea this much…ever. I mean of course I didn’t care back in the days when school was ridiculously easy (haha kindergarten was a great year), but even for the past few years, I haven’t really been that excited about it finally arriving. But this year…things are different.

May I just say that I am so done with papers, projects, tests, and finals. I know everyone’s saying that at this point, but it’s so true. I feel so sorry for those poor children that go to school year round…what a burden. I haven’t read a book of my own choice (besides the Bible) in ages. So once school’s done, I’m hitting up the library and Books-A-Million going all out. It’s just going to be great.

And maybe I should mention *drumroll*….. 8 days until Europe! I cannot even put into words how stoked I am. Also maybe you should know that we decided just to go to Paris and London (we kicked Ireland out of the mix). Three countries would just be too hard to do in 10 days.

Side-note: I think maybe someday I’ll go to Ireland either by myself or with a friend on more of an…introspective kind of trip. I imagine it is the perfect place to really focus on writing, art, and photography….

But back to the topic, Paris and London. Yes. I plan on journaling my entire time there so I’ll definitely be posting quite a bit when I return. Look forward to it, I guess. Haha.

Well thank you to anyone reading this. You’re great and beautiful, don’t forget that.


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on May 9, 2011.

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