I like answering questions.
1. What is something that you are happy about that happened today? If you can’t think of anything from today, what’s the most significantly happy thing that’s happened in the past few days? 

I didn’t wake up with a headache even though I stayed up late last night. My best friend got asked to homecoming by the guy she liked. That whole situation was just adorable. And, um,  I had Subway for lunch.

2. When you’re going places with friends, do you prefer to drive or do you like to ride along? Do you charge for gas or give gas money to the person driving?

Well, right now, I guess my only option is to ride along haha. But when I do start driving, I don’t think I would charge for gas unless it was like a cross-country road trip. 

3. Does it bother you when you hear girls say that they “don’t get along with other girls” or are you one of those people?

I’m a little bit of both, to be honest. I don’t like it when I see girls blatantly not being themselves. The listening to dumb music and participating in dumb trends type. So no, I don’t get along with those type of girls. But I’m not saying I’m the kind of girl to hang with guys. That can be obscenely annoying as well.

4. Do you ever just think, “Man, I am weird, what is wrong with me?” Can you give an example of this?

Yeah, I do. It has to do mostly with the way I look, which is really sad, or with certain things I say.

5. Does Facebook ever make you kind of sad, like you compare yourself to what your friends are doing?

Um, it can sometimes. But it can also have the opposite affect. People on Facebook can give me a good laugh.

6. What do you fear your future might have in store for you (e.g. ending up like your mother, having 13 cats, etc)?

I’m petrified of ending up alone.

7. Have you ever discovered something cool in your town that you never knew was there before and you can’t believe it existed all this time without you knowing?

Yes! There’s a quaint little square in Gainesville with a bunch of cute restaurants and shops. And there is this wonderful coffee shop that makes chai lattes to die for. I spend all this time ratting on where I live and how terribly boring it is, and I pretty much had to put my foot in my mouth.

8. Is it often that you push yourself to take opportunities that are out of your comfort zone? Or is it more likely that you’ll turn away from things that make you a bit anxious?

It just depends. I wouldn’t say I do it “often” like it’s a regular occurrence or anything, but it’s not like I never do anything out of my comfort zone. There just has to be an opportunity for me to challenge myself, and there’s not always that opportunity. 

9. Do you ever make the first moves in a relationship? If so, do you ever worry about coming off too aggressive?

Even though I do adopt more of a feminist outlook, I think a guy should make a first move when it comes to a relationship.

10. When you think of your future, do you imagine yourself being someone with a lot of responsibility and high regard or do you imagine yourself with other priorities?

It’s hard to say. I wish I could say I would be more relaxed and go with the flow when I’m older, but I’ll probably end up with a lot of responsibilities.

11. When was the last time that you felt like things were totally out of your control? How did you cope?

I can’t think of specific time, but it’s definitely happened. I usually cope by backing out. I am unfortunately a “flight” rather than “fight” type of person.

12. Do you get bored of crushes easily, especially when they start to like you back?

No. I like more than just the chase in a crush. There’s something delightful in knowing someone likes you back. Now if nothing ever became of it, I would get bored and move on.

13. Is there a show that you think you would like, but it’s been through a few seasons already and it would be a lot of effort to get into it this late?

I can’t think of one…perhaps the Walking Dead? I just haven’t had the time to catch up on a whole series.

14. When writing papers for school, did you ever actually use a “web” for brainstorming, or even use an outline at all?

I use outlines if they’re required, but if not, I like to just write what comes to my mind. It usually works out okay.

15. If you know what career you want to have, what made you choose it? If you don’t know what you want to do in your future, do you tend to change your mind about it often?

I change my mind quite often, but I know I will have something to do with writing and hopefully, something more artistic like photography.

16. Do you get awkward around people you don’t know, like at parties?

Yes, definitely (though it’s not usually at parties).

17. When was the last time that you felt like a really crappy friend?

I don’t remember the last time I felt like a really crappy friend. I’m sure it’s happened, but for the most part I am a good friend.

18. What is your favorite track off the last album you downloaded/bought?

On Beach House’s Teen Dream, I love “Silver Soul.”

19. When you have a party or interview or other event coming up, do you more often imagine the worst possible outcome or do you tend to imagine the best possible outcome?

…Both. I usually terrorize over the worst, and wonder if the best is possible at all.

20. Do you ever get too involved with fictional characters or is it easy for you to keep the fantasy separate from reality and your feelings?

Uh, as much as I like to use my imagination, it doesn’t consume me. But I love when I’m reading a super good book that I can’t put down. I get a bit hooked then.

21. Is it important for you to view movies on the night that they open, or to download albums as soon as they leak, or to have the new product the day it’s released?

Not usually, no. But I would rather be the person who starts trends rather than just participating.

22. Would you rather meet a potential date at the dance club or at the country club?

Haha that’s a silly question. Neither. I would want to meet a potential date in a bookstore or at a coffee shop or at like an acoustic concert. That would be wicked cool with me.


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on October 13, 2011.

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