A rant (sort of)

After reading this, I’ve decided to continue her post with my opinions and response from this.

I agree, in every sense. I think Suzanne Collins was really trying to paint the picture of us Americans in how we find things like the Hunger Games terrible and unjust, but we find other things that perhaps aren’t as extreme, but still terrible, not a big deal.
But I also think that some things, it’s hard to have a secure opinion because everything’s not black and white. Like capital punishment, I would honestly think that some rapist murderer deserves to die, but then again people always take things too far, and it could be like in other countries how people are killed for what they believe. So that’s iffy. But I understand the point: that it’s more important to think about issues rather than celebrity gossip or things like that.

This whole Occupy Wall Street thing….I don’t even know what to say. Sure, what the some of the people that work on Wall Street is messed up and very corrupted. I know that’s true. And I can’t believe I’m saying this (because I’m usually the first to protest anything), but I know there is a good bit of protesters who are just protesting to be apart of something or to stir up trouble.

Censorship….now that I strongly disagree with because that violates freedom of speech and freedom of press, and those are principles that America is built on. If the government censors the internet, than they can take out anything that is conspiracy or “not right” in their eyes. A politically correct internet? What the heck is that? There is so many other issues they could deal with rather than trying to censor the internet.

There are so many other important issues that we as American need to care about (or at least have opinions about). Food stamps, gay marriage, abortion, immigration, etc. etc. Naturally, we don’t need to become consumed by them, but we need to know what we believe and why we believe it.

Well, that concludes my rant for now. Thanks for reading.


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on November 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “A rant (sort of)”

  1. See? I am so glad you see your opinions. I feel like so often we teenagers don’t bother to think freely, to think on our own. We just repeat what our parents say. I think it is very important for us to consider all of these things and to not be afraid to research and form our own opinions, even if they are different than our parents.

    I agree on most of what you’re saying (especially about Occupy Wall Street). However I have a hard time with capital punishment. I have a hard time justifying killing someone. Don’t we all deserve to die in the first place? Shouldn’t they have a second chance? I mean, I think the murderers the rapists should be severely punished, but I say just life in prison. Though that would mean the jails would get very crowded. Oh well… a good discussion for another time. 🙂 Love you!

  2. Very true…I think my mistake is thinking that rapists are so much worse than me, but when it get downs to it, it’s all sin. So good point. 🙂 We all deserve to die anyway. Haha I don’t know how we could solve the jail crowding issue…we’ll have to figure that out. 😀 Love you, too!

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