(I long to be) a part of the sea.

The other day, I remembered all of this.

When I was about seven or eight, my family took a trip to Florida on spring break. Naturally, we were spending a lot of time at the beach and at the pool, but at that time, I was scared of the ocean after seeing the movie Jaws. So I just stuck to swimming in the pool. I wasn’t the type of girl to just run up to other kids and instantly become friends. Why should I when I was so easily entertained all by myself?

At the time (and still today, actually), I was fascinated with the idea of mermaids, so I would flit around the pool, secretly pretending I was one of those glittery, tailed mysteries of the ocean. I swam pressed against the bottom of the pool, and for a couple moments, I felt that I could breathe underwater. I’ve been trying to relive that moment ever since.


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on January 8, 2012.

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