Adventure time.

Tomorrow, I am going up to Massachusetts to visit my older brother at his college. He’s at a coast guard sort of school, and he’s getting back from (essentially) a cruise around Central America. He has been gone since the end of Christmas break, so my family is driving up and staying for a week.

Perhaps best part? I get to miss school. I really need a break. Even though we only go three days a week, it’s still so stressful and time-consuming. And I hate that I am constantly studying, but not truly learning anything. I go to school to learn, not to study. Why can’t teachers get that through their heads.

Oh, and it’s actually wintry up there. I am excited to actually where winter clothes and perhaps even get to see some snow. Winter is a lovely season, and I wish that Georgia’s wasn’t so bipolar this year.

I’m hoping while I’m up there I will also have time to focus on some photography. I have all these great photo ideas and I’m constantly inspired by the photographs I see on tumblr, but then I’m either too lazy or too busy to actually go out and take pictures. And the most sucky part is that I now have my license, so I could drive out to somewhere remote and do a photo shoot, but I just…haven’t. I’m hoping to produce something substantial out of this trip.

Anyways, this post was just sort of a general update, and I’ll probably blog  some more next week. Hope everyone has a wondrous and relaxing weekend.


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on February 16, 2012.

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  1. Cool! Have fun!

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