Summer Tunage

What I have been listening to this fun summer.



The album Gossamer by Passion Pit! I’ve always loved Passion Pit’s unique electric sound, and this album I believe is their best yet. I particularly love “Take a Walk,” “Constant Conversations,” and “It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy.”


The album Our Version of Events by Emeli Sande. Emeli Sande is sort of Beyonce-esque powerhouse singer. Though her genre isn’t typically what I listen to,  I think her voice is beautiful. Also, she is Zambian-Scottish, which is perhaps the neatest racial mix ever.


This isn’t exactly new music (from 2010), but I have recently really gotten into Local Natives. I love their three-part harmonies and the lyrics are absolute gold.  I love “Wide Eyes,” “World News,” and “Camera Talk.”


Beach Fossils is an indie band whose sound just rings that dreamlike-summer- daze feeling. The soft vocals and the guitar blend together so well. It’s the kind of music and lyrics I wish I had written.


Surprise, surprise! I’ve been trying to run a lot more this summer, and what has been my favorite music to run to? My girl Nicki. Though she may not sing the most, er, wholesome music, for exercising, it’s totes perfect.


Hopefully I’ll get up to date with some posting, cause I have tons of cool things to write about from the summer. Until then… 🙂


~ by TheFirstLightofSummer on July 31, 2012.

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